Evo Bun-less Slider

2 EVO Boiled Egg White Sliders
1 tsp oil
1 vegan cheese slice
1-2 tomato slices
Salad greens, torn
Cut the vegan cheese slice into 4 equal parts. Set aside till in use. 
Cut 2 tomato slices and refrigerate till in use. 
Tear the salad greens and leave in cold water inside the refrigerator till in use.
Heat oil in a pan and lightly grill the Evo Boiled Egg White Sliders until warm. 
Place the cheese slice in a stack form on one slider, top it up with torn salad greens and tomato slices, finish with another slider. 
Serve immediately with the choice of accompaniment. 
Chefs Tip: You can use your choice of fillings based on your taste palette. Don’t forget to pair these sliders with your favourite coffee / smoothie or ice-teas for that refreshing meal.