EVO Egg Toast

4 sliced bread, toasted 
10-12 cherry tomatoes
50 gms EVO Boiled Egg Cubes, white
5-6 Avocado slices
3-4 tbsp sandwich spread (green)
4 tbsp vegan mayonnaise 
1 tbsp mixed herbs 
Salt to taste 
Black pepper powder to taste  
Toast the bread slices until crisp and golden on both sides. Set aside till in use. 
Slice the cherry tomatoes in halves and refrigerate till in use. 
Drizzle a generous amount of lemon juice on the avocado slices and refrigerate till in use. 
Note: Drizzling fresh lemon juice on freshly cut avocados prevents them from turning black or developing black / brown spots. 
In a bowl, add in vegan mayonnaise along with mixed herbs, salt & black pepper. Mix well & set aside till in use. 
Spread a generous amount of the prepared mixed herb mayonnaise on one side of the toasted bread slice. 
Top it up with cherry tomatoes, avocado slices & EVO boiled egg cubes, finish assembling with another toasted bread. 
Repeat the process for more sandwiches. 
Serve immediately with the choice of accompaniments. 
Chefs Tip: Enjoy this Evo Avocado toast with your choice of spread. It goes very well with Pesto and Hummus. Using flavoured Hummus like beetroot or Zaatar will add a burst of flavour to your meal. 
To see a video recipe, Click here!