We make People, Palate
and Planet friendly foods.

We exist to reimagine the world’s relationship with food.

Evo is Friendly

In the food world, words like eco-friendly or vegan-friendly are often thrown about casually. But Evo is more than just those labels. Evo makes food that can truly be friendly to you in a hostile world.

Evo is Inclusive

Our mission is to empower those on the imperfect journey of eating better to make more concious decisions without compromising on their cravings.

Evo is Magical

We started in 2019 with the mission to end animal agriculture by creating superior substitutes. Using the power of science & plant magic we transform indigenous ingredients into eggs. At EVO we make eggs from plants, using magic.

"We asked ourselves - how can we remove animals from the food chain? And the answer was simple - we don't want to change what you crave, but only where you choose to get it from. At Evo we make delicious food without the animal. We create comfort food that is truly comfortable to eat, serve, grow and prepare."

Shraddha Bhansali & Kartik Dixit