Cook with EVO

Culinary Applications

Chefs, get creative!


Pan Grilling

Brush oil on a heated pan and cook the EVO Boiled Egg White on the pan directly from the refrigerator.
Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side, until it begins to brown like a fried egg.


Grate EVO directly onto your desired recipe
Note- You do not need to thaw EVO before grating


EVO Boiled Egg Whites can be marinated to add that extra flavour. Please follow these instructions for marination:

  • Do not marinate for more than 20 minutes if using acidic ingredients like lemon, vinegar etc.
  • Marinate in dry spices to get the best flavours.
  • Do not leave the marination for more than 20-30 minutes as this may result in change of texture.
  • Post marination cook EVO normally by following the pan grill instructions.
  • In-case of dishes with curry, marinate EVO first, pan-fry next & then add to the curry 1-2 minutes before turning off the flame

EVO's boiled eggs taste best served hot. DO NOT re-heat multiple times.

Deep Frying

EVO Boiled Egg Whites can also be deep-fried in various forms and shapes.

  • Chop them, coat them in your preferred batter & fry them for some quick EVO Popcorn
  • Cut them into thick sticks (resembling fries) & prepare some delicious EVO Boiled Egg Peri Peri Fries!


To pickle EVO's Boiled Eggs please follow the following instructions:

  • EVO takes a shorter time to pickle as compared to the regular egg whites. Pickled EVO will be ready in 3-4 hours of adding EVO to the brine.
  • Ensure that the pickle brine is not very sour & the proportion of Vinegar to Water is 1:4 i.e. ¼ cup Vinegar + 1 cup water, to avoid any massive changes to the texture.


EVO's Boiled Egg can be used as a part of fillings for making various dishes like Rolls, Wraps, Parathas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Savoury Waffles etc. It can be chopped, grated, sliced & used as desired.


EVO's Boiled Eggs can be sauteed with your favourite recipes like Stir fry, Asian bowls, Fried Rice or even Biryani!