Now you can have an egg without cracking one

Evo is a fluffy & delicious liquid egg alternative made entirely from plants

100% plant based

No animal hormones or antibiotics

11g protein

Per serving = 100 ml

0g cholesterol

Heart healthy

Nutrient packed

Rich in Vitamin B12 & D3, BCAA

Vegan friendly, non-vegetarian friendly, and even vegetarian-on-Tuesdays friendly
Evo, the egg that anyone can eat!

It tastes, scrambles and makes omelettes just like an egg. It's magic made from plants

Plant powered protein
EVO is a fluffy and delicious egg made from moong, chickpea and pea protein.
It’s super easy to cook with Evo!
Just pour into a pan, cook and serve.

Delicious recipes with Evo

Scrambled Evo on Toast
Evo French Omelettes
Evo in English Muffins
We believe what this world really needs are a few good eggs!
We believe that comfort food can never be born of guilt and judgement
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Our plant-based egg products are available to Foodservice Operators in India.

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